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Lost and Found




This series of work evolved from walking on my local beach. Never knowing what would come in with the ebb and flow of the tides fascinates me. Thinking of all the beautiful items that have been lost in our oceans and seas that could be returned upon the tide.


For example, old leather articles such as clothes, bags and shoes.


As a ceramic artist I wanted to capture these singular and personal forms, transferring them using clay.


Each ceramic piece is unique in design, having been constructed from porcelain stoneware; a fine, but robust clay, which allows me to create the desirable texture.


Adding pigment stains/glazes, produces an arrangement of colour that contributes towards creating depth.


I incorporate antiquated items attaching by bolting or sewing. These are sourced from various places, and where I can, I pass on this history.


These sculptures vary in size and price.


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Tile Art




Inspiration is taken from the flora that survives within our environment. Each design is a miniature installation, preserving shape and texture at that precise moment in time.


Hand worked, again using porcelain stoneware, pigment stains and glazes.


Due to the individuality of the making process. each tile varies in size; that fits into frames ranging from 7" x 5" (18cm x 13cm) to 16" x 12" (41cm x 30cm).


Prices from £30.00.


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Book-a-Ramics is a range of porcelain stoneware covered books, created as bespoke gifts for family and friends.


Individually handmade, with various quality blank paper for a multitude of uses.


Hand bound with waxed thread, using the "Coptic Stitch" - allowing the books to open fully.


I produce various designs from nature inspired themes to abstract works.


An unusual personalised gift or keepsake.


These are available on a commission basis.


Approximately A4 size, available as landscape or portrait.


Prices start from £105.00



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